• Robert had abandoned his kindly meant but patronising exhortations, and the men of law had given up the attempt to get any admissions out of their captive, and were content to see him safely under lock and key, and get to their beds in the castle.
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  • After Dennis looked at his room and agreed to take it, Vernice said, I never met a high diver before.
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  • Jerking her hand back to her side, she tried to regain a little control.
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  • You can't leave before dinner, I won't hear of it, Beara said. We may compare it with earthenware stoves, which continue to warm our rooms long after the fire in them has gone out.
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  • His face mask was a cobweb of fracture lines where one of the hoses had hit the lens. With the new light shining from his forehead, he noted the old wax candle drippings still on the floor.
  • I said, 'I suppose the elite makes its own rules- 'Stop ridiculing, already!

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